Topical Depression

by Zach_Storm

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This is the full tape brought to with that cassette dirt included for free.
Message me if you want STEMS for a remix.
Music wrote, recorded, and produced by Zach_Storm.

Some beautiful samples were used, but you can figure those out yourself for fun. Many thanks to the artists before us.

Many thanks to all the people who influenced my music and my person.

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released December 30, 2015

Music: Zach_Storm

I want to list the samples but I don't want to get sued for a free tape.

Photos: Kolleen K. , edited by Zach

Special Thanks to:
Ben, Ill Tal, Brian, Ella, Adam, Ahmed, Sam, D.O., Chet, Cassandra, Kathy, Idris and all those that blessed me with early critiques and listening sessions.

Shoutout to and r/makingHipHop. I got good critiques from there too.



all rights reserved


Zach_Storm New Jersey

Thank you for listening to my music.

Music allows a connection that has spread across globe. Take a journey with me and my tunes.

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Track Name: Desk Bang_Intro
This is my synopsis
on how im bout to knock shit
Make yuh head bob so much
that it'll make you nauseous
I'm a fully open faucet
pouring out my law quick
but hit the streets and make all the weak forfeit

Fuck a back packer
I'm the never slacking rapper
throw you into rapture with your knees bent backward
Spitting facts like you just read the album's back wrapper
Trying to put down someone else's art when you read the same lines like an actor
"Heh, this dude talks about blank too much"
Well, aren't an awesome moral co om pus.

Close minded rap elitists
Passive aggressive critiquists.
Calling out the egregious
although you miss out on the finer features.

Ya see...

Lyrics don't have to be empirical,
Sizing up the wrong shit removes from the spiritual
The truth lies within your own mind,
The rest of the world runs by a dollar sign

Feel out the sub text
of my music love fest
As I try to obsess
in attempt to remove my stress

Like lemonade and vienna fingers
you can hate, but my love will still linger
I hope you see that I am quite the thinker
I couldn't care less if you really wanna bump me out your speakers

This is my my announcement of my most deep

Callous on my finger tips from banging out beats
and chapped lips while the instrumental is on repeat.
Contact mic on my heart as I get to the peak

No looking back
Zach_Storm never lacks
full of emotional traps
and motions that were once wack
I unlease and attack
cutting off all the straps
getting through all the crap
I'm a one wolf pack.
Track Name: Baby
Head lost in an emotional bliss
Holding hands as we walk through the mist
understand how simple this is
May these thoughts be more than a wish
Eyes open to the sunrise
Hope it's not for one time
we're connected for the soul ride
bypassing purposeless serpents with urgent bids
to destroy our urban relationship
Track Name: My Strategy for Coping
My Strategy for coping

Is a blast of dopamine

Distractive photos we

unlatch the holding seam

This glue holding me

Is slightly on folding, see

The corner lonely

Peeling Slowly

Who will Know me
Too hot to hold me
The world so scolding
My mouth has sold me.
They keep on trolling
But the icy blow me
They just need to know me
And I will relocate
Track Name: Elevator
It's nice to meet you
Welcome to the Elevator
It's nice to meet you
I've been dying to meet you,
It's nice to meet you

my mind is pea soup,
I should of tried that misu
Don't know if I complete you
but I hope you understand that my heart is see through
Just pardon me too
Too tart to piece 2 and two together
when I'm staring through the weather with out...

Welcome to the Elevator

Stuck in the Elevator

How many floors must I wait to ascend
lights dim as the wits at my end
Picture perfect in the present
Most clear with the evergreen scent

Stuck in the Elevator
Track Name: Violent Eyelids
Verse 1
Angel whipped by the sight of the crystal balls
Had me looking into the subliminals
Hidden by the waterfalls of chemicals
Twisted messages underscored by some tylenol
Midas touch took my all.
Now I'm slouched against the wall.
Energy deprived as I look into your eyes and I let my cries rise inside
As I try to express with my mouth what goes on in my mind

Violent eyelids
Moving into the silence
Pushing mushy Shit behind them
Until you can never find them
Iris the shade of Zion.
You see that my soul Is crying
Why must you be so defiant.

Lost in the pupils
Brain extruding at my focilices like noodles
Its all I can doodle
I wish I was more neutral
But this natural voodoo got me me going fu-yu
The whole presences is a nusance
I wanna fly up and fuckin' off cupid
the way that he does make me so stoopid
Black Confusious but my thoughts occluded

Can't even unbuckle my shoe
Trying to walk around but im stuck in the glue
Wishing that I had a life undo,
So I could go back and not just look at the two.


As the ages turn
my eyelids burn
I lose concern
With the temporal world

Let my soul elevate
I Must not hesitate
On how they imitate the fake
Distracting how I comptemplate

In rough seas,
I clutch my knees in attempt to breath,
hoping that my inside mind knows I paid my fee

Ain't nothing left to need
I keep a jade locket underneath my tee.